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Discover "Street Toys", our first collection of authentic Bearbricks 1000% entirely customized!

The world of Art Toys has considerably grown since the early 2000s, and this artistic phenomenon has never ceased developing among collectors. Spearheading this movement, the Bearbrick (also spelled BE@RBRICK) has become a real object of fascination that is since collected all over the world.

Always keen to bring unique artworks to collectors and meaningful experiences, we have entrusted an authentic Bearbrick 1000% (the biggest!) to a selection of independent artists who have transformed it into a unique piece of art, and the result is simply outstanding!

Discover our "Street Toys" collection which celebrates the world of Art Toys through an exclusive series that gives total freedom to our artists' creativity. Each Bearbrick has therefore been entirely hand-painted along with its box which can be used as a stand and provide you a complete experience.

Born in the streets and fueled by social networks, Urban Contemporary Art is a visual art which does not require a deep knowledge of art history. It can be appreciated by everyone, everywhere.

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Martine Ehmer


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