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Sébastien Theys

Sébastien Theys

Belgium - nivelles


Born in Belgium in 1986, SÉBASTIEN THEYS is an artist of abstraction and explorer of imaginary worlds through his canvases, revealing in his works a window open to the infinite of creativity. Coming from a universe where geometric shapes dance in harmony, he shapes a vibrant and colorful artistic language. The white bands, like windows onto the abstract, frame his compositions, inviting the viewer to dive into a parallel universe.

Inspired by cartoons and the energy of Urban Art, the artist merges elements of daily life with fantastical visions. His vibrant colors capture the eye and stimulate the imagination, while his dynamic compositions lead to a reflection on the many facets of our existence. Through his creations, he explores the boundaries between the tangible and intangible, inviting the public to contemplate the multiple meanings hidden behind each motif.

Sébastien Theys transcends the limits of perception, offering a sensory journey where reality blends into pure abstraction. By harmonizing the rigor of geometric forms with vivid colors, he gives birth to a unique visual language, where each canvas becomes a window open to our imagination. His journey weaves through lines and colors, reflecting the essence of his creative vision and his unceasing exploration of uncharted worlds.

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