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Outstanding murals

Discover the world of street art murals and think big

Street art murals and neo-muralism

Inspired by the movement of the Mexican muralism from the early 20th century, mural art has experienced a real reborn thanks to graffiti and street artists who have expanded the range of possibilities of this form of artistic expression. As such, today it is absolutely not uncommon to talk about neo-muralism in reference to this contemporary movement which is deeply anchored in its time.

Whether you are an individual, a company, a local authority or an event organizer, Street Art murals are considered as original and large-scale artworks that bring color to our common spaces and a unique artistic touch to our daily environment. Entirely hand-painted by artists who are using a large variety of styles and techniques, wall murals blend with harmony to their surroundings.

Thanks to our strong relationships with independent urban artists coming from all over Europe for whom we already offer original artworks directly from their studios, Urbaneez is your legitimate partner to help you transform your interiors and exteriors with mind-blowing wall murals and exceptional live performances. Let’s start to work on your idea and don't wait any longer to submit your project!

Decorative wall murals for your interior

More than a traditional wallpaper, a simple wall sticker or a totally different color that stands out on your walls, a wall mural is an original creation that brings character to your interior and enhances your living space with a unique and custom-made decoration. Formerly reserved for architects and interior designers, wall murals are since accessible to everyone, thanks to the many street artists, also called muralist, who offer their talents for this kind of services. Whether you are looking to create a unique work of art in your home, brighten up a common space within your company, convey your visual identity or brand image in one of your commercial properties, the diversity of styles and techniques of our authentic urban artists enables us to help you with all kinds of interior wall mural projects.

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Artistic wall murals for your exterior

Urban artists being among all types of artists those who are the most naturally skilled for creating art on exterior walls through to the use of spray paint, they are particularly fond of large-scale murals that are displayed for all to see. Designed as real XXL artworks that enable institutions to boost the appeal of public spaces and companies to convey their identity outside their offices, large-scale Urban Art murals have been able to attract public and private actors all over the world. Therefore, whether it is to create an artistic street art mural on a building, decorate the floor of a sports ground, dress up an ephemeral construction site fence or create a wall mural advertisement, don't wait any longer and think about Urban Art as a modern approach of today's urban planning and communication!

The specific features of wall murals

Each project is unique, and creating an indoor or outdoor wall mural requires different areas of expertise. The analysis of the wall’s location, the size of the wall and the quality of its surface, the need to hire of a lifting equipment or not, the purchase of spray cans and protective equipment, the artist's reputation and the technical nature of the design are among others the points to consider when budgeting a mural project. But thanks to our expertise and ability to operate throughout Europe, Urbaneez can help you to make your mural project comes true, from conception to completion, including artistic direction, management of logistical aspects and even promotion of your final mural if you wish. Let us guide you by filling our form to tell us about your mural project and receive a quote.

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Submit your mural project and receive a quote


As a specialist, Urbaneez is your ideal partner for creating indoor or outdoor wall murals. Whether you're an individual, a public institution, a company, let's make your project becomes a reality together!

How to proceed?



Start by filling in our form in order to send us as much information as possible about the location of your mural project and the graphic design your are thinking of.



We will take the time to look at your project within 48h, check the feasibility of your request and then organize a discussion with you (phone/visio) to give you a quote.



Once the quote has been signed and a 50% deposit paid, the artist will start the preliminary work through the form of sketches and enable you to approve a final model.



We plan the service in considering all specificities, the mural is then produced according to a precise timeline and you receive a final invoice to pay for the remaining 50%.