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Urban Art, a long but undeniable recognition on the art market

For Jacques Villeglé, Street Art is not "a job of monks", and being an urban artist who interact in the city does not mean "taking a vow of poverty". The common belief according to which an urban artist could not leave his street practice for a studio work under the penalty of being badly perceived has lived, as an evidence, one can notice all the events highlighting this movement. Here is a look back at the progressive and long-standing recognition of what we can now call Urban Art.


Charles Foussard: "This aesthetic has imposed itself on me"

Prolific artist from the Bordeaux scene, Charles Foussard frames his surreal Pop paintings under the arches and ashlar bays of the capital city of New Aquitaine. Laid on concrete blocks or wood panels, his street works are true masterpieces inspired by ancient painters and the Californian Lowbrow movement. Fond of large formats and urban wastelands, he is also used to painting over the bunkers of the Atlantic coast to bring them a new life through art. In the studio, he transposes this energy to further develop his writing and work on canvas compositions rich in detail mixing the real and the unreal. Interview.

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