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A brief history of Urban Art, from Graffiti to Street Art (3/3)

Street art is an art like any other. But if these words seem obvious today, we must not forget that it has been a long road to get there, 50 years! The time to create the greatest artistic movement of the 20th century, and which continues its epic existence in the 21st century under the name of "Urban Contemporary Art".


The art market's shift to online is becoming permanent

Already announced beginning of 2021, the upheaval of the art market has clearly begun. A paradigm shift is now underway, enabling the online sale of various types of artworks, from paintings to sculptures, including drawings, prints, photographs and more recently NFTs. Although this digitalization has been carried out at a forced move, it is now driving the trend for the years to come. NFTs, these artistic UFOs that have explosed on Internet through the use of the blockchain, are creating a buzz and whetting the appetite of collectors. Collectors whose profile is getting younger and whose appetite for online art is growing.


Emanuele Vittorioso: "My art is between Graffiti and Abstract"

Emanuele Vittorioso is an Italian post-graffiti artist living in Syracuse, Sicily. His abstract paintings are inspired by the urban landscape, the kinetic energy of graffiti, and Italian abstract artists of the 1950s and the 1960s. With them as references and holding graffiti lettering as a starting point, Emanuele Vittorioso deconstructed his letters up to action painting.


The top 10 of the most popular Street Art murals of 2021

According to Street Art Cities, 60’000 votes have been registered by the community-driven platform in 3 weeks of voting to elect the best murals of 2021. From blog and social media posts to features in local and national media, many artists have also been interviewed and got the opportunity to share their work and love for Urban Art. More than a "best of", this top 10 murals of 2021 is a way to share beautiful Street Art each year and to teach the general public about this influential contemporary art movement. Let's discover the 10 most popular murals of 2021!


Urban Art and auction sales, a winning partnership

21.8 million euros. This is the amount that Banksy's artwork "Love Is In The Bin" sold for on 14 October 2021, a work which had already created a sensation in 2018 by self-destructing at Sotheby's. Far from undermining its value, this sale confirms the exponential increase in price of this artwork, auctioned for 1.2 million euros only 3 years ago which has since multiplied its price by 18. While Banksy’s communication is like no other artist and his rate is unparalleled, these figures are just a shining example of the rise of Urban Art at auction sales since the mid-2000s.


Le CyKlop: "My mission? To bring fantasy back to our streets!"

Created one night in 2007 in a square of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the characters created by Le CyKlop were originally like a game. Since then, the artist never stopped having fun, whether in the street by hijacking traffic signs or anti-parking bollards into cyclops, Lego characters and various animals, or in his studio, by transforming this street furniture into collectors' items. Between humor, generosity and facetiousness, discover our encounter with the father of these strange CyKlops.


5 of the best cities to discover Graffiti and Street Art in Europe

Although New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona or Amsterdam are pioneer cities for the development of the movement in Europe, many other cities have had a decisive role and are now positioned as open-air museums for Street Art lovers. Rome, Ghent, Lisbon, Toulouse and Athens invite you to wonderful urban walks around Graffiti and Street Art, discover our list of the best spots not to be missed in these 5 must-see cities in Europe for any art lovers.


A brief history of Urban Art, from Graffiti to Street Art (2/3)

During the 80s and 90s, the Old Continent started to be passionate about the movement after the United States. Graffiti and Street Art then surge like a real shock wave, synonymous with freedom of expression and a great springboard for some artists. Let's go back to the breaking wave and the unbridled years.


Urban Art, a long but undeniable recognition on the art market

For Jacques Villeglé, Street Art is not "a job of monks", and being an urban artist who interact in the city does not mean "taking a vow of poverty". The common belief according to which an urban artist could not leave his street practice for a studio work under the penalty of being badly perceived has lived, as an evidence, one can notice all the events highlighting this movement. Here is a look back at the progressive and long-standing recognition of what we can now call Urban Art.


Charles Foussard: "This aesthetic has imposed itself on me"

Prolific artist from the Bordeaux scene, Charles Foussard frames his surreal Pop paintings under the arches and ashlar bays of the capital city of New Aquitaine. Laid on concrete blocks or wood panels, his street works are true masterpieces inspired by ancient painters and the Californian Lowbrow movement. Fond of large formats and urban wastelands, he is also used to painting over the bunkers of the Atlantic coast to bring them a new life through art. In the studio, he transposes this energy to further develop his writing and work on canvas compositions rich in details mixing the real and the unreal. Interview.


A brief history of Urban Art, from Graffiti to Street Art (1/3)

If the paternity of Street Art is shared between Philadelphia, New York and Paris, it's because on the one hand, there were cities that were shaken by an economic crisis due to a strong deindustrialization, and on the other hand, cities that were the scene of social revolts. Storming the walls has therefore often been a political act before being a purely creative one.


A digitalization of the art market with a forced move

The art market has been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and has accelerated its digital transformation. If online sales of contemporary art or even Street Art have been progressing steadily for the last five years, the Covid-19 has been a real game changer for the art market. The social distancing, regulatory measures and mandatory closures have forced galleries, auction houses, art dealers and advisors to shift online urgently.

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