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Street Art and Skateboarding have always been connected. From their creative and rebellious roots in the underground communities to a more mainstream reach, they have been able to appeal to all generations. And when they meet, the result is just brilliant!

On the one hand, there is skateboarding, which was born at the dawn of the 1950s in the United States and which quickly became very popular in California. At the beginning, the board is raw, simple and the first patterns that will appear will be the logos of the brands. Therefore and until the end of the 1970s, skate brands illustrated boards by mixing graphics from surfing culture. The logo is then often found on the board. On the other hand, in the mid-1980s, skateboard decks began to be hijacked and became a new way of communication and artistic expression for graffiti and street artists. But it was only from the 2000s that skateboard decks were really diverted from their primary function and that the codes of art gradually imposed themselves and spread. Custom skateboard decks started to are exhibited and become artworks in their own.

Thus, since the dawn of skateboarding and thanks to its connection with other urban cultures, skateboard decks have always been a privileged medium for urban artists. On the one hand, street artists who also like to skate have created limited-edition pieces of skateboard with their motifs or characters, and on the other hand, graffiti artists have been declining their wildstyle letters on these wood decks as well. The collection “Street Boards” launched by Urbaneez in 2022 is indeed a perfect example of this trend as it showcases the amazing diversity of styles that make up what we call “Skate Art” through a selection of skateboards entirely hand-painted by graffiti and street artists.

Constantly looking to extend the visibility of Skate Art, our selection of skateboards entirely hand painted is regularly updated by new skate decks customized by renowned artists. Whether it’s through the funny characters of Le Cyklop, the wildstyle of Cren, the iconic Quetzalcóatl of Oré, or the beautiful Sakura of Pakone and the amazing animals of Lady K, discover the world of Skate Art.

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