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The history of printmaking began in China with the diffusion of woodblock printed on silk, while the very first print done on paper was made during the 7th century, also in Asia. Print has therefore a long history and particularly as public art, sometimes playing an entertaining role for the public through satirical cartoons and figures shown in the streets of all major cities around the world.

With the proliferation of advertising posters in public space, artists and activists have quickly embraced posters as the perfect medium for a subversive and unsanctioned guerrilla marketing strategy. In that sense, street artists began to create artistic posters to paste up in the streets with the aim to take back the public space that had been colonized by advertising. Among the pioneers of limited prints of street art, it is almost impossible not to know Shepard Fairey, aka OBEY, whose screen-printed and wheatpasted posters have stimulated curiosity and encouraged questioning of city dwellers. Through his iconic picture of André The Giant as well as his poster designed for the Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, the artist has gained an international reputation and is the biggest seller of fine art prints on the urban art market. On the other hand, the street artist Swoon also stands out, she experimented the ancient Asian technique of woodblock printing to create life-size, hand-colored paper portraits hanged on the street walls that have allowed her to get a solid reputation among art collectors.

Whether they are called screen prints / silkscreens, lithographs, giclée prints or digital prints with different types of techniques, street art prints have become a way for art collectors to get artworks from many more artists at a great price. On Urbaneez, our exclusive selection of limited graffiti and street art prints and posters for sale aims to provide you a wide choice to buy a print from your favorite artist. You will find high-quality art prints and posters from renowned street artists such as Jef Aérosol, whose numbered and signed prints recall the stencil artworks he has been creating since the 1980s, but also Daze, Zenoy, Crash, Gomad, Dante Arcade, Snake…

Not to mention the limited editions from L’Atlas and JonOne, two graffiti and street artists who have experimented different printmaking techniques to create affordable artworks reminiscent of the peculiar lettering style they boasted in the streets of Paris. Buying a high-quality limited print that reproduces their iconic calligraphy style is an affordable way to start an urban art collection with great potential. In addition to this, some of the limited-edition prints for sale on Urbaneez are also enhanced by artists with markers or acrylics, making them an outstanding acquisition for an art collection. Theses hand-finished prints are no one alike, they are unique and will definitively look like an original artwork on your wall.

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