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France - grenoble


Born in 1976, NESTA is a self-taught French artist. He discovered Graffiti at the age of 11. At that time, this form of art spoke to him instantly. Spraying his first letters at the age of 15, his work then rapidly evolved. With various groups, he created associations such as the Force Urbaine collective in 1998 or WorkSpray in 2009, and organized or took part in events such as the Month of Graffiti in Grenoble, or Mister Freeze in Toulouse. In the meantime, the artist develops his own personal projects.

From Graffiti to Urban Art, he loves innovative artists who, true to their discipline, are always pushing back the codes and rules of urban painting. Typography, illustration and optical art are among his main areas of work. Nesta who mainly paints with spray paint and acrylic, explores a wide range of subjects and works with different phases.

In 2014, in a duo show with Marianne for the "Musicology" exhibition, typography and illustrations depict the soundtrack of their complementary worlds, their motto "RockYourWorld" then took its full meaning. With his work on the representation of memories and memory, from 2017 onwards, precise illustrations marked by the effects of time make his works more complex. He then dictates his own rules and depicts a dense, colorful universe where a plant resembles nothing Darwin could have taught you. In "Vegetalism", dense jungles dematerialize in contact with childhood memories, typographic statements mingle with dance. His bouquets are not only floral compositions but a personal reinterpretation of a magnified present, the fruit of past experiences.

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