Julien Raynaud, cover picture
Julien Raynaud

Julien Raynaud

France - marseille


Born in 1987 in Marseille, JULIEN RAYNAUD is a self-taught artist whose style is a tasty mix of Street Art and Cubism that can be described as "Street Cubism". He started Graffiti at the age of 16 in vacant lots and then gradually developed his style and technique on canvas. Today, he paints with acrylics as well as with spray cans and uses bright colors to seek emotion and address different subjects in his paintings.

The artist is a story-teller who has many stories to tell, whether it is his unlikely encounters, his incredible adventures or his travels around the world... each of his colorful and geometric canvas is imbued by one of these stories. He also reveals himself through his works, which, inspired by his experience, are full of sincerity, love and hope. They represent a quest for a better reality, a desire to paint a more positive picture of life, with less cruelty while allowing him to keep a childlike view of the world.

Since 2011, his boundless creativity has led him to take part in different projects, to exhibit his art in many galleries and private collections in France as well as abroad: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Monaco, Hong Kong and many more...

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