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France - lyon


Born in France in 1993, Alban Rotival aka AGRUME is a street artist who began his practice with illustration and quickly discovered multiple horizons. Art in the streets has been way for him to develop his work on paper, and thus, to confront and connect it to an audience. Cities and their atmospheres, colors or architecture are so many starting points giving rise to a number of ephemeral stories. The urban practice places his work in reality and links him to society. Self-taught artist, Agrume paints, draws, engraves, glues and writes. An artistic practice that he is able to conceive in its multidisciplinarity.

From a medium and its experience, traces of time and memory, words, images are revealed from which emerges a universe, an atmosphere. A character blends into the atmosphere, into his environment, he does not put himself forward, he exists with what surrounds him. The poetry of an image unfolds and carries an emotion as a standard. It is then these oneiric representations, scenes of tales or sweetness, romantic shades and melancholic atmospheres that intertwine in his work for a breathtaking effect.

The written words also take an important part in the construction of his graphic work, and it is not rare that the image and the text answer each other through a title. This synthesis highlights and questions the place of the human being in his universe, his nature and his behavior, the memories and the relationship to time, the lie and the mystery, the animal and the vegetable, the ephemeral and the beauty of the moment.

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