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France - libourne


Born in Libourne in the southwest of France but currently living in La Rochelle, SLICK is a self-taught artist who started his artistic career as a graffiti artist. For several years, he put his stylized pseudonym on the streets and joined various local graffiti crews to develop his style on murals (3GC, Le lotus...). Then with maturity, he gradually leans towards a studio work and began to draw his energy from a more intimate search. With a French mother and a Moroccan father, he draws his inspiration from this dual origin.

The use of intense colors (shades of ochre, Majorelle blue...), cuneiform writing and delicate materials (papyrus, natural pigments, charcoal, chalk, oysters...) are always references to his Middle Eastern sensibility, which he combines with his urban culture to offer a work blending several impressions. Slick is an artist of vibration, constantly reminding us his pseudonym through infinite variations and the use of a wide variety of techniques such as spray cans, markers, brushes as well as customized tools.

During the past few years, the artist Slick has taken part in several group exhibitions within galleries based in Paris, but also during art fairs such as ST-ART and District 13, not to mention his participation in a group show at the Couvent des Jacobins in Saint-Émilion and his artistic residency at the Château de Candes in Candes-Saint-Martin.

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