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Otto Schade

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Born in Chile in 1971, OTTO SCHADE is a highly talented Urban Artist and Architect based in London. He started to create art in 1997 but became an Urban Artist in 2009 after living in London for 3 years where he started his vibrant art that we know today.

The artist is known for his surreal and at times abstract figurative paintings, drawings, and high-impact street art. Otto Schade has developed a unique and recognisable graphic style involving twisting, interwoven “ribbons” that depict his subjects. He is also known for his Orbs, sunsets and silhouettes trying to give sometimes a strong message to the society. Otto Schade has been exhibiting and painting murals internationally in Europe, America, Africa and Asia in the last 13 years, and he isn't ready to stop.

Otto Schade’s eclectic works can be found on the streets of many cities in the world, including Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Porto, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Brussels, London as well as Miami, New York, Moscow, Denver, Santiago… and can be viewed in various galleries and exhibition centers across Europe.

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