Erell, cover picture


France - avignon


Artist and designer, ËRELL is an urban artist from Avignon who now lives in Lyon. Coming from the graffiti, he has been since experimenting an ephemeral form of appropriation of urban space. The module he uses results from the split of a geometrical shape, the regular hexagon, which itself comes from a schematization of his tag.

From this practice, he retains the automatism of the gesture, the energy that transforms the typography into a visual emblem, a logo, modular and adaptable, but also the viral, living character of the multiplication of the motif. Like tags on the walls of the city which bring life, Ërell's module multiplies to generate an infinite number of "molecular" motifs and geometric compositions that interact with the architecture or urban furniture.

By sporadically invading the public spaces in which he intervenes, Ërell wants to change the way passers-by perceive the urban space and invites them to look for signs scattered along the streets as they pass. His signature then becomes his writing, a pretext for urban exploration and plastic experimentation. In his work as a visual artist, he calls upon different techniques and know-how (working with wood, metal, die-cutting, painting on glass or concrete, etc.), particularly those acquired during his training as a designer.

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