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Founded in 2015 by Jérôme Ruffin, iDROOM is the first specialized gallery in Urban Contemporary Art created in Geneva. Since then, iDroom Gallery has never ceased to present an eclectic selection of artists coming from various countries and with diverse inspirations, techniques and styles. They all have made their first steps in the street but their unconditional love for art has enabled them to transcend their work in studio.

The gallery historically started in 2015 in the hotel Windsor of Geneva where artworks were regularly exhibited and some rooms were also customized by artists. But since 2018 iDroom Gallery has its own location and the first exhibition which showcased artworks from 14 urban artists was just the beginning of a new chapter. The gallery welcomes art lovers on 150m2, divided into 2 floors with a concept-store where you can discover limited editions, screen-prints, custom objects as well as specialized books.

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