Mondé, cover picture


France - toulouse


Loïc alias MONDÉ is a product of the graffiti culture and has been painting in the streets of his hometown Toulouse for the past 20 years. He's making his those public spaces in order to promote his name and showcase his works to the masses.

His illegal paintings are the foundation to his art and gave him his taste for travel. Working on canvases is a logical follow-up to his art, this allows him to dig deeper into his designs. He focuses on finding the perfect balance between background and foreground (filled and empty spaces) and discovering new color combinations.

His art is a mix between calligraphy, graffiti and abstract compositions. His canvases have a raw aspect to them because they are all born from spontaneity, there are no preliminary sketches nor research. Much is left to happenstance while putting on front row the energy of the lines. His main sources of inspiration are action painting, Jackson Pollock's drippings and Hassan Massoudy's calligraphies. You'll find mixed together on the canvas the randomness of graffiti drips ans splashes with the energy and the precision that comes from arab and latin calligraphy.

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