Mondé, cover picture


France - toulouse


Loïc alias MONDÉ is a pure product of the Graffiti culture who has been painting in the streets Toulouse for the past 20 years. He is used to take over the streets in order to highlight his name in the eyes of all and create an encounter with the spectators.

His illegal paintings are the foundation to his art. They gave him a taste for travel and the opportunity to paint in many cities in the purest tradition of Graffiti. His work on canvas is just a logical follow-up to his art in the street, allowing him to dig deeper into his designs. He focuses on finding the perfect balance between background and foreground (filled and empty spaces) and discovering new color combinations.

His art is described as a mix between calligraphy, graffiti and abstraction, playing between full and empty to create visually balanced compositions. His paintings have a raw aspect because they are all made with spontaneity. There are no models or preliminary sketches made in advance, but rather a part of chance, while emphasizing the energy of the line. His sources of inspiration tend from Jackson Pollock's dripping to Hassan Massoudy's calligraphies. In his work, we can find the randomness of drips and splashes that come from graffiti, mixed with the energy and precision of the gesture of Arabic and Latin calligraphy, taking care to balance the different sets of colors.

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