Nadib Bandi, cover picture
Nadib Bandi

Nadib Bandi

France - saint-julien


Born in 1980 in France in the border area of Geneva, NADIB BANDI is an artist from the graffiti movement of the 90s. He is used to describing his art as "contemporary abstract graffiti" or "futuristic post-graffiti". Like many writers of his generation, he began practicing graffiti in the streets, before reaching a high artistic level through his murals, installations, paintings and drawings done in the studio. His passion for spray painting and his creativity have made him one of the most prolific artists in Europe and beyond.

Since his childhood, he has shown a great talent for drawing and a keen interest in the history and practice of visual arts. His first experiences with graffiti were in the mid-90s, which is considered as the golden age of Hip Hop culture in France. The European Graffiti scene was then a particularly fertile ground for a young graffiti artists like Nadib Bandi and the "old school" creations guided him to create his first works in the streets.

At this time, the artist moved to Paris where he tried different tags to signal his productions before finally choosing the name Bandi. Then in 2000, he moved to Marseille where he began a new series of works inspired by urban and railway architecture. He is particularly interested in abstract painting and more especially in the lyrical abstraction movement. During his stay in Marseille, the artist started a pictorial research that will impregnates his practice of Graffiti. Traveling frequently between Marseille, Geneva and Barcelona, he has deployed an extraordinarily prolific talent, able to transform colors, shapes and ideas into monumental works, always imbued by geometric abstraction.

Then in 2012, he came back to his native region and his work grew thanks to the unique style he had developed. He has since been part of numerous graffiti events, exhibitions and festivals around the world, notably creating 3-dimensional installations that have opened a new path in his work. This success is a form of recognition of Bandi's singular art that synthesizes the original state of mind of Graffiti in a personal pictorial approach.

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