Reso, cover picture


France - toulouse


The work of Cédric Lascours alias RESO is the perfect illustration of the progress of the visual culture of Graffiti art. An obsession for letters to be pushed to the extreme, in a perpetual graphic research. Father of the wildstyle, today the artist is going for a more abstract style with the lettering, a research of the mouvement, free, expansive, energetic.

The name as a reference, the letter as a support, an abandon of the primary meaning towards an assumed abstraction. Reso lets his spontaneity express itself in order to allow the essence of the letter speak for itself: the curve. These interlaced lines are symptomatic of his creation. He lets the brush, the marker, the spray conduct his line in order to give a total freedom to the movement. If the layout stays visceral, the coloring process is a research of harmony, bringing a new dynamic, revealing the curve.

From this intuitive work stands out the energy, the mouvement and most of all the circle, always open towards the outside, the progress of the gesture, the intensity of a trajectory, the life enhanced by human and artistic experiences, representing the man beyond the artist. Reso is now working in Montauban and he continues to exhibit his work in Marrakech, Toulouse, Marseille, Strasbourg, Brest, Geneva…

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