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Created in 2007, the ARTEVISTAS GALLERY is based in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, a unique and iconic place well known for its architectural interest. Located between Las Ramblas and Sant Jaume Square, the gallery is at number 4 of Passatge del Crèdit, one of the major urban innovations in the latter part of the 19th century and also the same building where the famous Catalan artist Joan Miró was born in 1893.

From the very beginning, the gallery’s ambition has always been to help everyone discover the rich diversity of Urban & Contemporary Art, and to share it with passion and emotions. Since then, the gallery showcases a unique collection of original artworks, from both emerging and established contemporary artists, and with a special attention to highlight the studio work of authentic street artists who are living in the capital of Catalonia.

With more than 50 Spanish and international artists enabling a diversity of styles and universes, the collection includes hundreds of original paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, screenprints, lithographs and more… that are constantly being renewed.

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