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Me Lata

Me Lata

Spain - barcelona


ME LATA is a Catalan artists’ duo from Barcelona who have been making street art since 2014. Their art is mainly made with recycled cans that they paint with positive messages. They claim, with love, a better world and practice ephemeral art, eternal love.

Since their beginning, they have created more than 600 interventions in the streets of Barcelona, Paris, London, Mallorca, Madrid, Girona and La Rioja, writing mostly in Catalan, but also in Spanish and English language. Through their artistic expression, they want to humanize the city, brighten the passers-by’s hearts and make spectators smile.

Their name Me Lata el Corazón is a wordplay between the can (lata), their material of expression, and the beating of the heart (verb latir), the inner strength. Some say that they are activists, others that they are messengers, some define them as romantics, or that they do creative recycling, there are even those who say that they are artists! From the artists' perspective, they are just two lovers of life, simply Jakuna Melata!

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