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From the very start in 1984, the Speerstra Gallery has always remained true to its artistic mission statement of unconditionally supporting the most talented artists, both in the commercial art world and in people's minds. Willem Speerstra took part in revealing the first generation of graffiti artists from New York and he continues to nurture and develop their careers. He is also very committed to revealing new artists who have taken their inspiration from urban culture, yet have entered the world of contemporary art; they are present in contemporary artistic fields like urban art, pop art, abstract expressionism...

The Speerstra Gallery is a Post Graffiti reference and demonstrates that this artistic movement, with its history, universality and dynamism, is a major part of the contemporary art scene. This diversity enables the gallery to offer its public a selection that is both varied and specialised. Only the best talents in each area are selected, and their diverse nationalities help to maintain the richness and sharing of cultures.

The gallery travels and evolves, according to its inspirations, with Monaco in 1984 and the heart of the Marais area in Paris in 2001. Now established in Switzerland, opposite Lake Geneva, the Speerstra Gallery offers its artistic vision, with a 250m2 area put at the disposal of artists. A new branch in Paris open in September 2017, at the heart of the Marais, 24 rue Saint Claude. Willem Speerstra makes it a point of honour to also take on opposing cultural roles by wearing the hats of consultant and curator. He has participated in the development of large scale projects and he promotes his artists' participation in international cultural events.

Artists from the gallery

Henry ChalfantUnited States




Xavier MagaldiSwitzerland


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