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Switzerland - lausanne


David Weber, better known by his stage name SWOX, is a Swiss artist born in 1977. At the age of 12, he discovered tagging and graffiti, which became his first means of artistic expression. Then he began by experimenting with letter forms, constantly looking for new ways to draw and transform them into genuine and unique works of art on canvas.

Over the years, Swox has deepened his work on the letter, which has become the cornerstone of his artistic creation, exploring ever more complex and innovative forms. He uses large flat areas of color created with broad brushes or spray paint cans, combined with thick layers of acrylic paint shaped with spatulas or other tools, to bring an elegant diversity of textures to his creations. His work can be read as an architectural object, a graphic form or an abstract sculpture. His work is a testament to his technical mastery and attention to detail, giving his creations an almost hypnotic quality.

The latest artworks of the Lausanne-based artist Swox combine research into materials and pigments with variations in color. Masonry tools, acrylic paint, meticulous flat tints, projections and structures are superimposed and united. One can discover the subtleties of his paintings, the interplay of colors and materials only by moving around his work.

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