L'Original, cover picture


Switzerland - lausanne


Nicolas Bamert aka L’ORIGINAL was born in 1987 in Switzerland. He lived several lives before becoming in 2005 L’Original, a real rebirth. While continuing his studies to later embrace the profession of engineer, he began to create colourful murals to breathe new life into disused places, produced his first paintings and took part in group exhibitions. He decides to devote himself entirely to his art in 2014, leaving everything to settle in Berlin and explore for a year the richness of his creativity. Monumental works, unusual installations, paintings set on fire, the world of L’Original was born.

Discover the work of L’Original is like opening a wide window on the imaginary and let the extravagance and the unusual shake up our reality to redefine the meaning of what surrounds us and let the dream seize us. The signature of L’ORIGINAL doesn't delimit any territory, doesn't sign any belonging, doesn't claim any pretension, but designates a poetic universe, in which the artist invites us to immerse ourselves.

The mastery and rigor of the artistic work contrasts with the carefree and happy lightness that emanates from his positive utopias. A protean artist, L'Original is an up to the minute artist of perfection and experimentation. Welcome to his world and let you guide be by his alter ego “L’Original” wearing straps and round glasses...

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