Zenoy, cover picture


France - paris


William Pinçon aka ZENOY is a graffiti artist from Paris. He discovered graffiti at the end of the 80s thanks to one of his classmates who, freshly returned from the United States, scribbled tags on his course sheets. Instantly caught in the net, he quickly found his first name and began to tag the streets, trains and buses taking him to school in 1988.

Zenoy is a pure writer. The essence of his art comes from the street and vandal writing which he now transposes on canvas. Despite everything, his metronome remains graffiti and lettering. His urban cradle does not prevent him from taking typography to new horizons. Seeking to harmonize colors and shapes, he draws inspiration from personal experiences to give renewal to his productions.

His style fits today perfectly in the landscape of contemporary urban art: between tradition and innovation. With his instinctive and incisive line, he brings his typographies in a mix of explosive colors and play of materials. He reinvents himself tirelessly, bringing graffiti ever higher, notably by diversifying his supports: walls, canvases, mailboxes or art toys are now part of his artistic sanctuary.

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