Topo, cover picture


Spain - madrid


Born and raised in Madrid, the spanish artist TOPO has always lived surrounded by graffiti writers and urban artists. In love with the pleasure of not knowing and reflecting on the why of things, he finds in the artistic manifestations made in the street the best way to share his enthusiasm for life and his eternal questions through a unique approach.

With the intention of spreading art as the purest way of dialogue between people and their environment, Topo, his alter ego, was born to break the monotony of the street by cultivating small seeds of joy and positivity in every corner of the world. Topo represents the inner child in all of us, the optimism with which we come into this world, the innate ability to question what we do'nt understand and the mixture of naivety and awareness that places us in the present, and makes us connect naturally with the universe.

Each of these seeds is a work of urban art that invites you to stop, smile and simply BE. The artist uses the character in different formats to appeal to the use of free thought and individual will to see reality in a favorable, positive way, with meaning in itself and as part of a whole. In this way, the TAKETHETOPO movement is getting us out of a gray society, without color, that sells us freedom and conditions us more than ever.

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