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Soen Bravo

Spain - madrid


César de Fernando Bravo aka SOEN BRAVO is a Spanish urban artist born in Madrid in 1987. From the year 2000, he became interested in graffiti, which he continues to practice although less frequently, but which gives him experience in the spray-painting technique and broadens the field of artistic creation. Since then, there have been numerous artistic works that he has done in small and large formats, both indoors and outdoors in public and commercial establishments in Spain and abroad.

At the same time, he has developed a personal style of painting characterized by the mixture of the decomposition of figurative elements, with superimposed shapes and letters of his graffiti style, uniting all this with unfinished shapes and some casual brushstrokes. The artist considers himself self-taught and versatile and intends to convey in his works a message of social criticism and criticism of the unfair distribution of wealth. The theme of his works may also have certain traits of tenderness, due to personal experiences and, even, it touches on issues of a historical nature.

The artist Soen Bravo took part in numerous exhibitions and festivals of urban art such as the international “Art Aero Rap” that is held every year in La Bañeza (León), the exhibition of the 52nd Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture with his artwork "Teta y sopa" (2017), a large-scale mural in the district of Arganzuela for the Compartiendo Muros program of the Madrid City Council (2018), another mural made in collaboration with the students at IES Alamenda de Osuna for a social program supported by the Barajas District Board (2019), his very first solo exhibition at Writers Madrid entitled "Alegal" (2019), a mural for the project of the Department of Culture and Equality of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) at the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence (2019), a second solo exhibition called “Estados De Alarma” that took place in Madrid (2020), and lastly an amazing mural within the artistic residency "Street art City" (2021).

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