Shaka, cover picture


France - paris


Born in 1975, Marchal Mithouard aka SHAKA is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Igny. Thanks to his background in urban art, he has made his mark with a unique technique. His faces and bodies are fragmented, ribbed, ringed with black, nerves on edge to capture the rawest expressions and highlight the absurdity of human behaviour.

Shaka is an outstanding portraitist who started painting in the streets of Paris before working on canvas. To the urgency of the murals, he opposes in parallel the necessary patience to work in the studio: oil painting, sculpture, engraving... Each technique feeds the others and contributes to make Shaka a great artist with an inimitable style.

His art mixes graffiti, sculpture and traditional painting to create a series of original artworks where his volume compositions seem to come out of their frame. Since 2012, he has considerably refined his technique in volume and gives his sculptures the finesse of his works on canvas, making the expressions and movement effects even more striking.

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