Philippe Echaroux, cover picture
Philippe Echaroux

Philippe Echaroux

France - marseille


Born in 1983 in Marseille, PHILIPPE ECHAROUX is a French photographer and street artist. He therefore defines himself as a "street-artist-photographer" who creates a "clean" Street Art that the media have quickly designated as Street Art 2.0.

Very attached to ecology, he leaves no trace and never degrades, which is surprising for an urban artist, but he assumes it as it is also what make his specificity. First recognized as an accomplished photographer and portraitist, the artist has always offered his work to the greatest number of people by delivering it to the ephemeral of the street.

Since 2013, he has been invading our cities with his luminous and ephemeral projections that can be found around the world: Barcelona, Marseille, Paris, Cannes, Havana, Crans-Montana, the Brazilian Amazonian Forest in 2016 with the "Amazonia" project which will give a him worldwide recognition, Los Angeles in 2017 for his fabulous participative project entitled "After The Dream" and New York in 2018 with the "Central Park" project.

To create his works, the artist methodically chooses the places he will "illuminate" with his creations, and, once the night comes, he projects his light graffiti and his photographs. His works will sometimes magnify a building, sometimes a tree, sometimes a bridge, a decrepit facade, a ruin, the site of a drama or the result of human madness.

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