Pakone, cover picture


France - brest


Major player of the Breton urban scene, PAKONE was born in Brest in 1974. The artist discovered and practiced Graffiti in 1988, before joining the Beaux-Arts school of Cherbourg and becoming a professional graffiti artist. Member of the C29 (Cartel 29) since its creation and of the TSF Crew, the artist regularly participates in the embellishment of cities through murals projects. He also organizes meetings, thus allowing him to defend graffiti as a "major movement of the urban culture".

Pakone's style is pure, almost raw, both in the treatment of his characters and in his backgrounds. His work evolves, his techniques and supports diversify over time. The themes he addresses are also varied; nevertheless, his primary intention always remains the same: "to change the world and the environment around me, on my scale". According to him, "graffiti is a form of expression of contemporary art, open to the world and free, necessary to the good life of the city dwellers".

In Brest, the graffiti artist is especially known for his "Sakura", these Japanese cherry trees with pink flowers, which form the ephemeral mirror of Urban Art, between disappearance and rebirth. Bombed on the grey walls of the city or on canvas, they offer a striking contrast between femininity and masculinity, between mineral and vegetable.

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