Onemizer, cover picture


France - paris


Cyril Valade aka ONEMIZER was born in 1987 in the South of France. His first encounter with art was in Africa, where he spent part of his childhood. After coming back to France as a teenager, he became familiar with urban art when roaming the streets of Paris and was inspired by the graffiti covering the walls of the Parisian ring road.

The story continues in the wastelands, railroad yards and disused warehouses where he paints out of sight. After high school, he decides to study art by joining a design school, to finally pursue his path as a self-taught artist. The people close to him encouraged him to go from the wall to the canvas and to present his work in hotels, restaurants, bars, and even to exhibit his art in many international galleries.

Onemizer draws his inspiration from everywhere, from the classics of art to his daily life and from what he grew up with. His dream is that these writings, drawings and graffiti, in which he has found his greatest inspiration, will no longer be perceived as undesirable. He wishes that they can be considered as a form of art that is worth being exhibited in galleries without any complex and thus bringing the street to our home!

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