Ollio, cover picture


Sweden - gothenburg


Jonathan Josefsson aka OLLIO was born in 1978 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He started to paint in the street as a youth in the 90ies. After several years of bombing and painting regular graffiti he attended art school. In 2007 he got an MFA in art.

Ollios main materials are painting and textiles (tufted rugs). He has had many exhibitions around Sweden and finished more than 35 public commissions for various municipalities and county councils. His paintings are heavily influenced by graffiti and he often works with spray paint or airbrush. Abstract patterns are recurring in his paintings, often in different shapes and colors. The colors and the combinations of tones are very important, which is why he often focuses on it.

Ollio has gotten a lot of attention for his abstract rugs. They are all unique artworks made by the artist himself with the tufting technique. The rugs have inspiration from the graffiti culture but at the same time stands out as remarkable pieces of art. They work as regular rugs on the floor or could be hung on a wall just like any other artwork.

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