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Mr Kas

Mr Kas

Portugal - porto


Born in Porto in 1980, MR KAS is an international street artist who has taken part in many street art festivals. He lived in Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium before going back recently to his own country Portugal with the aim to extend his work on canvases.

His passion for art began at a young age with his father, also painter, who had a big influence on him throughout his childhood. Mr Kas started painting graffiti in the streets of Porto in 1999 when he found a full spray can lying in the street and decided to tag everywhere until he got home. His main inspiration is people, their feelings, their lives, their stories, their circumstances, reason why traveling has always had a big role to him.

Visually he likes the idea of deconstruct an image and turn it into something unique, creating 3D effects, abstract or anamorphic shapes all in a photorealistic technique, and he has recently been exploring the use of puzzle patterns. This combination of techniques makes his style instantly recognizable. His work can be seen on many murals and he has been part of many international exhibitions all around the world.

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