Le CyKlop, cover picture
Le CyKlop

Le CyKlop

France - le havre


Born in Le Havre in 1968, Olivier D’Hondt aka LE CYKLOP is a French street artist who lives in Paris. He has always freed himself from the conventional supports of street art to invest urban objects: by putting an eye on them and trying to make them come alive to reveal all the fantasy. An anthropomorphic art - like a new bestiary - which borrows its language from the aesthetics of toys, comics and illustrations. Inspired by the Greek mythology, the one-eyed character is a signature for the artist and a way to revisit the story of the Cyclops with a "toy sauce".

The artist's favorite objects, the metal bollards lined up in our streets, become imaginary characters, toys or comic book heroes that call out to passers-by. Le CyKlop produces fun, popular and often interactive art projects that color the city and bring a fancy touch to the street. On top of his studio work which is exhibited into galleries or during auction sales, the artist reinvents our use of public space by creating urban installations in a free and wild manner, as well as commission art from cities and street art festivals.

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