Le CyKlop, cover picture
Le CyKlop

Le CyKlop

France - le havre


Born in Le Havre in 1968, Olivier D’Hondt aka Le CyKlop is a French street artist who lives in Paris. In his work, he tries to free himself from conventional supports such as walls or canvas, to invest urban objects. By putting an eye on them, he tries to bring them to life, to give them a soul and to give birth to a form of fantasy. A playful and anthropomorphic art that borrows its artistic language from toys, comics or animal bestiary... By drawing on the story of the Cyclops, the artist revisit Greek mythology with a “Toys sauce”.

Anti-parking bollards have become fetish objects. Lined up in our streets, they are then playful and fantastic characters, both bizarre and funny, who call out to passers-by. In parallel to his studio work, the artist creates personal, participative or wild installations for numerous cities or festivals, which revisit our use of public space.

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