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Lady K

Lady K

France - paris


Born in 1978, LADY K is a French visual artist and graffiti writer. Since her teenage years, she has been experimenting different mediums and techniques, from graffiti to surrealism. When she entered High School, the artist put aside her education and preferred to devote herself to painting. After High School, she joined the Beaux-Arts in Paris, before entering the Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

Lady K enters the very masculine world of graffiti writing in which she imposes herself and quickly stands out thanks to her practice and her singular approach. She used several pseudonyms and finally kept Lady K in 1998. Mixing risk-taking and modifications of reality, the work of the artist joins the lineage of the interventionists, because her actions most often take place during the day in the urban environment.

Since the beginning, she has revisited the different graphic styles of writing, particularly in making the lettering of the "block letter" and those of the "wild style" interact with English calligraphy. Ready-made, body-art, performances and extended practice of lettering compose her unique style. Today recognized as one of the best female graffiti artists in France, she is respected by her peers and her work is exhibited by galleries in France but also in the United States, Russia and the Netherlands.

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