Hugpat, cover picture


France - marseille


Patrick Hugues aka HUGPAT was born in 1972 and currently lives and works in Marseille. In 1990, as a student in architecture, he had a boundless admiration for the great masters of art history, their art and also their techniques. He is constantly drawing and sketching. From nudes to urban landscapes, he explores pen, pastel and charcoal.

Through his encounters, notably the crucial one with Skunkdog, an artist from Marseilles, who encouraged him to continue and to multiply the mediums, HugPat launched himself into creation. At first disembodied, his works will slowly become populated. The time for large formats is felt, and the artist moves his action onto the canvas.

He now offers figurative works, always in black and white and in shades of grey, where exceptionally violent touches of red appear. The artist finds inspiration in cityscapes he visits during the day, transcribing them in the evenings in black and white works characterized by an interplay between light and shadow. Painting dark cities, crisis, ghostly humans or rebellions, he provides a vision of an apocalyptic world.

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