Fasim, cover picture


Spain - barcelona


Born in Barcelona in 1972, Germán Bel aka FASIM is a pioneer urban artist from Spain who is active since the 80s. Henry Chalfant played an important role in Fasim's career and will be a key piece in his later artistic development. In 1989 he met Futura 2000 at an exhibition held at the Arcs&Cracs gallery in Barcelona, where he learned about artistic creations on canvas and his start in urban art, today known as street art, in Europe.

In 1992, the artist traveled to Paris to the studio of JonOne and BadBC at the "Hôpital éphémère" where he contemplated the process of creation on canvas and the emergence of urban art in art galleries. He then joined the mythical 156allstarz crew.

Fasim's paintings take us to a dreamlike world where the game with the pareidolias seems to dominate the surface of the works, since he was a child he keeps this visual and poetic game of the look, with the forms of any surface, either in the print of some tiles or in the humidity stains, erased or chipped of any urban wall. To a large extent this game is the first inspiration for the Paleolithic cave artists, where the images appeared in the reliefs of the rocks and is the cradle of painting.

Fasim has painted on numerous walls, exhibitions and shows in many cities around the world; Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Toulouse, Perpignan, Marseille, Paris, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan, Naples or Sarajevo among others. The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) has recently acquired three paintings and six drawings, which will be included in the Urban Art collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Marseille (MAC).

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