Clet Abraham, cover picture
Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham

France - brest


Born in Brittany in 1966, CLET ABRAHAM is a French street artist who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Rennes. He exhibited his art in various art galleries in Brittany, then in Rome and Paris before moving to Florence in 2005 where he still works today.

Among the most influential artists of his generation, Clet is the artist who hijacks road signs to create original artworks in bright colors that are always imbued with a certain humorous touch. His work is based on the criticism of the coldness of street signs, by bringing them a more human dimension that symbolize rules and order.

His approach aims to question us in front of simple orders, he wants to give meaning and more importance to road signs, in order to create a territory of freedom, poetry & humor. Making his work very relevant in the urban space that is governed by norms and rules.

He started in Florence in 2010 where he put into practice his first diversions, cutting out stickers before going to apply them on the street signs of the Italian city. Since then, his interventions are visible in the streets of major European cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Bruxelles, Milan, Florence, Barcelona and beyond.

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