Aurel Rubbish, cover picture
Aurel Rubbish

Aurel Rubbish

France - besançon


Born in 1980, Aurel Prevost aka AUREL RUBBISH is a french contemporary urban artist who lives and works in Besançon. A self-taught artist, nothing predisposed this forest ranger by training to take up street art. He started making stencils in the streets of his home town in early 2000. His finely cut matrices, in the vein of the work of the American artist Swoon, led him to perfect the "paper-cut" technique which he then pasted in the street from 2011.

Very impregnated by the surrounding nature, Aurel opens the doors of this abundant flora, notably in his series "Metamorphosis", harmoniously blending faces and plants. Rubbish draws his artistic influences from symbolism, Art Nouveau painters such as Mucha, pop surrealism or tattooing, cutting black paper by hand with a cutter, requiring hundreds of hours of work. His sometimes corrosive universe captures our attention, but his poetry sweeps us away.

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