Asu, cover picture


France - châteauroux


Jimmy Alcalá aka ASU is a visual artist who was born in 1990 in Châteauroux. He started calligraphy at the age of 20 and then worked on this ancestral art for nearly 5 years to create a unique style that refers to all our senses. Mysterious, the curves of his letters intertwine in a tangle of energies and vibrations that are sometimes colored. An esoteric language that the artist composes in his work, a work balanced between the empty and the full, the dark and the light, the static and the dynamic.

Since 2019, the artist has decided to place calligraphy in the back to concentrate his attention on the material and what it could bring him graphically. The material has thus gradually be integrated into his work to refer to the passage of time, the past, the ancient civilizations and their remains. Each artwork has its codes, sometimes indecipherable, with damaged walls, peeling paint, a world of physical as well as rational meaning.

Asu always starts his work with texture, using various tools, mediums, inks and colors, in order to create a plastic dichotomy which includes a time of destruction of the support, a time of affirmation by the symbol of emptiness and finally a time of reconstruction. The idea is to remove layers of material to materialize the passage of time, the calligraphy becomes partially destroyed and almost invisible to better suggest it and create the final identity of the work. The message IS the artwork, from the beginning to the end.

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