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13 bis

13 bis

France - paris


Anonymous artist from the streets of Paris, 13BIS (Treize Bis) is inspired by our pictorial heritage to restore not the works, but the trace, the vestige, printed on abandoned walls of our streets. He enchants us with his poetic and dreamlike collages composed from images drawn from our common memory to extract the raw material, the stripped down, elementary form, inscribed in our collective unconscious.

Treize Bis recomposes, decontextualizes, transforms old pictorial elements to deliver them, like a surrealist reminiscence, through fragmentary and heteroclite compositions, sometimes not devoid of humor, and whose fade is essentially due to the soft and translucent whiteness that covers it, as for better discovering the virginal nudity and the brittleness of the grain, the skin, and the paper. Through his collages, the artist touches the timeless, where the transitory, the erasure, the trace, the absence emerge.

Street artist projecting his imagination on the walls, Treize bis invites us to dream about the things of life and their strangeness. He seeks above all to create a dreamlike poetry in the maze of the streets of Belleville in Paris or in Aubervilliers, Montreuil and Tours.

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