Chloé Kelly Miller, cover picture
Chloé Kelly Miller

Chloé Kelly Miller

France - rouen


Born in 1995 in Rouen, CHLOE KELLY MILLER arrived in Marseille with her family at the age of 3. She spent her entire childhood there, joined Rouen as a teenager and then arrived in Paris for her studies. Her practice began in 2018 in parallel with her studies in psychoanalytically oriented psychology. The artist's work is based on mechanisms that are often automatic and favour the liberation and exploration of the Unconscious. Acrylics, photographs, graffiti, aerosols, drawings and poems make up the different facets of the artist's work.

Of all of them, the portrait occupies a preponderant place, and pursues through a spontaneous and eruptive work, the shared revelation of images, or sensations latent to the experience of self and otherness. From her professional practice and research, to that of incomplete or bruised personal narratives, the artist takes up questions of identity, body, psyche, disability and representation by re-evaluating, through interaction with the subject, the very mode of appearance of her being. In many cases the space of the canvas is envisaged as a support for the staging of the body and the use of colour, which participate in a sublimation of affects.

The diversity of mediums favours the expression of a spontaneous, impulsive gesture intended to question the gesture to the detriment of what governs the human being: language. Colours and black backgrounds dominate the whole series in order to evoke, in the image of our unconscious, the presence of repressed affects and the movement of the latter in the abyss of our psyche. Attentive to the personal trajectories of artists such as Salvador Dalì, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Keith Haring, Patti Smith or Mapplethorpe, CHLOE KELLY MILLER revisits an artistic pantheon whose technique she overpowers and constantly reinterprets. Surrealism and neo-expressionism are the most enriching artistic trends for the artist. In turn, she tries to capture the elusive, an obscure and nebulous reality, a truth of her own and personal.

Her first international solo show is celebrated in June 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand, the artist is only 27 years old. Chloé has exhibited in Paris, Rouen, Lyon, Bastia, Toulouse, Montauban and Bordeaux, always in unique solo shows, presenting paintings, sculptures and scenographies straight out of her imagination.

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