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Arnaud Liard

Arnaud Liard

France - paris


Born in 1975, ARNAUD LIARD is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. Coming from the Parisian graffiti scene, He is a multifaceted artist who is used to mixing different types of inspirations to obtain a surprising result. After obtaining a painter's degree in letters, he devotes himself from the end of the 80's to the creation of murals.

In 2001, he co-founded the collective TRBDSGN with the artists Hobz and Onde. Conceived as a multidisciplinary laboratory, the TRBDSGN studio explores the worlds of object design, graphic design and scenography. For Arnaud, this period is the beginning of his pictorial research on canvas. This led him to explore several fields of abstract, figurative and sculptural research fileds that he will later call "Lʼesthétique du Chaos".

He studies the city's architecture, the urbanism and the humans that populate it. From the random aesthetic of destruction, to the de-structured architectural landscapes, the tar pavements patched over and over again, to the textures of the old wrinkled walls that populate our cities, the artist feeds off the smallest to the largest of imperfections. His research is linked to the places where he has painted, where the screaming colours of the frescoes resound, and from which he derives works that are directly inspired by them.

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