Docteur Bergman, cover picture
Docteur Bergman

Docteur Bergman

France - paris


Born in Courbevoie in 1979, DOCTEUR BERGMAN is a stencil artist who lives in Paris. After a thesis in molecular biology, the doctor stood apart from the world of science to turn to a world of art, developing an aesthetic through the technique of stenciling that he has sharpened over years to produce artworks that are increasingly complex.

Arachnophobic since his childhood, he led therapy expeditions in the streets of Paris by making stencils of spides, which gradually cured him. As a fervent defender of the animal cause and deeply shocked by human behaviour, he expresses his disapproval or his support through dark and realistic stencils. He also collaborates with Adey, a stencil artist, who opens new and exciting perspectives.

As drawing lover, he is particularly interested in mural painting, with the idea of making his art on large format. Regularly exhibiting at the Akiza gallery, lavo/matik, galerie ligne 13 and Galerie Lithium in Paris, Doctor Bergman is gradually establishing himself on the Parisian scene by pasting his stencils on the walls of the french capital.

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