CRBZ, cover picture


Switzerland - lausanne


Based in Lausanne, CRBZ is a Swiss street artist whose work is focused on abstract calligraphy, whether they are colorful or simply black and white.

He is used to playing with the full and the untied as well as the shadows and the lights in order to create dynamic forms. He deconstructs the letter which he splits and recomposes then, not to write but to create a movement inviting the spectator to dream.

For him, each creation is an opportunity to explore new aspects of his art, playing with the shapes of the walls and adapting his work to their different sizes. CRBZ is as comfortable on murals as on canvas, he mainly uses brushes but also with spray cans.

Member of the international crew “Suprema Caligrafìa” from Latin America, CRBZ has been part of events and projects in Switzerland and abroad, and is always happy to share his passion with artists from all around the world.

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